Basic Understanding Of How Paved Surfaces

Paved surfaces are designed to provide a smooth durable surface that can endure vehicle related traffic and most extreme weather situations. However, after a certain amount of time there is a possibility that the pavement will start to decline if it is not well-maintained due to environmental issues, water related damages and heavy traffic. The guide below provides some information on situations, these situations and how they can damage paved surfaces.

Environmental Effects

The environmental effects that create changes on paved surfaces stem from cold, rain, sleet, snow and extreme heat. The variety of weather patterns from the environment can lead to stress related damage of your paved surfaces. The UV rays penetrate from the sun can break down paved surfaces and cause them to erode. In addition, the continuing climate changes during the winter, which causes the pavement to freeze and thaw repeatedly will cause it to buckle and crack. This will eventually create potholes that will have to be fixed once the weather warms up to prevent further damage. During the warm months the heat can cause the pavement can cause oxidation, making the surface of the pavement burn, which makes it brittle and crack.

Water Saturation Damages

Water saturation issues can become a problem for paved surfaces because of a leaky irrigation system. The paved surface may end up with quite a bit of subsurface water pooling on top, which can also leak beneath the pavement. If this happens, the structure beneath the surface can weaken. The weakening structure can worsen due to load-bearing stress and cause the paved surface to fail completely and possibly creating sinkholes as a result.

Heavy Traffic Effects

The continuous weight applied to the paved surface from heavy traffic can negatively affect its structure. The pavement will become brittle and crack on the surface if the heavy traffic repeatedly follows along the same pattern. The brittleness is due to shrinkage cracks, caused by stress on the pavement, that develop on the surface of the pavement from the constant loading patterns.

Paved surfaces can be protected from major damage if you are consistent with following up on maintenance services. Consult with a pavement contractor (such as Atlas Paving Company Inc) in order to set up a schedule for them to ensure that your paved surfaces are sealed and any noticeable cracks filled immediately in order to prevent further damage. This will ensure that your paved surfaces remain durable and are able to handle most weather related changes, heavy traffic and environmental problems.