How Dirt Can Damage An HVAC System Blower & Heat Pump

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system will not work well if the blower and heat pump are not functional. Sometimes dirt can accumulate on a blower and heat pump, which can lead to it taken a while before the desired temperature is reached. Below, you will find out how dirt can damage an HVAC system blower and heat pump, as well as what a specialist can do to fix problems.

How Can Dirt Damage an HVAC System Blower & Heat Pump?

Dirt can damage the blower to an HVAC system by causing it to stall and not produce a sufficient amount of air. The blower has the job of sending air into the ventilation system so it can either be heated or cooled down based on the temperature on the thermostat. If dirt covers the motor to the blower for a long time, the extent of damage may cause it to stop working and require a replacement.

The heat pump is also important for heating and cooling your home. The pump moves warm or cool air out of your house and brings in air from the outside, depending on the temperature you want. Dirt can cover the heat pump and prevent it from exchanging heat as it is designed to do.

What Can a Specialist Do to Fix Blower & Heat Pump Problems?

Fixing an HVAC system blower is a task that you must leave to a specialist because accessing it can be difficult. A specialist can examine the blower to determine if dirt is the only reason it is not functioning. He or she will then remove the dirt or tell you if a replacement is needed. You may need a new blower if the HVAC system is old and has never been updated.

Dirt can accumulate on a heat pump in a short period of time because the pump is located on the outside of your home. When the dirt accumulates too much, the heat pump will no longer be able to remove warm or cool air from the inside of the house. A specialist can remove the dirt, and he or she can also defrost the pump if it becomes frozen when the weather is cold.

An HVAC system can save you money on energy costs if you don't allow dirt to damage the blower and heat pump. Hire a specialist to clean the parts for you when the system stops producing a sufficient amount of warm and cool air!