Make A Small Dry Well To Assist With Drainage

If an area close to your home floods each time that it rains, you can improve the drainage in this spot by making a small dry well. The well will be placed under the ground and will collect rainwater. As a result, your lawn will stay dryer and look nicer.

Use These Materials

  • garden stakes
  • large shovel
  • measuring tape
  • perforated drainpipe
  • landscaping fabric
  • scissors
  • drainage stones
  • dirt
  • grass seed

Measure And Dig

Use garden stakes to mark the flooded area after it rains. Once the land dries out, you will be able to determine how wide you need the well to be. Dig a small trench that leads away from the end of your gutter system towards the spot that you will be making the well.

The trench needs to be deep enough to hold the perforated drainpipe. The drainpipe will collect rainwater and deposit it into the well. Dig a hole in the area that you marked with garden stakes. The hole needs to be one or two feet deep. Determine how deep you would like it to be according to the amount of water that usually accumulates in your yard. Flatten the base of the hole with the back of your shovel so that it is smooth.

Insert The Drainpipe And Fill The Well

Lay a piece of landscaping fabric in the base of the trench and the well. This material will assist with drainage and will prevent roots from entering the system. Place the drainage pipe in the trench with the perforated side facing upwards. Place the end of the drainage pipe in the edge of the hole.

Fill the dry well a couple inches from the top with drainage stones. The stones will allow the rainwater to pass through. Fill the remainder of the hole with dirt. Cover the drainage pipe with a piece of landscape fabric and then a layer of dirt. Smooth down the dirt-covered surface until it is uniform with the rest of your yard.

Plant Grass Seed

Liberally sprinkle grass seed over the dirt. Because this section will now be draining better, it is very important that you monitor it well and make sure that it stays moist. Water it daily. After a couple weeks, grass will begin to grow. Eventually, the section that contains the new drainage system will blend in with the rest of your yard. Your dry well will be well-hidden and your yard will not become flooded when it rains. 

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