Advantages Of Winter Tree Removal

Winter is a time when many outdoor home improvement projects—particularly landscaping activities—come to a grinding halt. This may be why many homeowners don't think to remove their trees when winter comes. However, there are many advantages to winter tree removal that should be considered by anyone who has resolved to remove their unwanted or diseased trees in the spring:

Frozen Ground is Less Easily Disturbed

Homeowners hoping to protect their delicate landscaping need not worry when the tree removal equipment rolls in over frozen ground. Frozen ground is less likely to be disturbed by the large machines and trucks required to effectively remove a tree from a property. Winter is also a time when most landscaping growth is in hibernation and homeowners don't have to worry that the tree removal process will disturb flowers or shrubs on the property.

Winter Tree Removal Prevents Tree Collapse from Winter Ice Storms

Winter is a dangerous time for homeowners who have diseased or dying trees on their property. Unhealthy trees are subject to collapse from the weight of ice and snow on their branches, and storms with heavy winds can push trees over easily. For homeowners with houses situated near diseased trees, winter can be a nerve-wracking time. Removing that tree in the winter eliminates any threat of an unwanted tree collapse.

Tree Removal Companies May be Less Busy

Due to a lower demand for tree removal, many tree removal companies are easier to schedule and more able to work with a homeowner's busy schedule in winter. This is a particular benefit around the holidays, when many homeowners have little time to spare.

Prices Tend to be Lower in the Winter

Tree removal can be easier in winter. The ground is harder, which makes it easier to maneuver large trucks. The leaves have fallen as well, so it's easier to see what needs to be done to cut down a tree. This is why many tree removal companies lower their prices in winter, making winter tree removal cheaper for property owners.

Removing Trees in Winter Makes Way for Spring Planting

Homeowners hoping to start off the spring with new grass or even new trees on their property can do so easily with the old trees removed. Starting off the spring with a wide open landscape opens up the possibilities for ambitious homeowners.

If you're a homeowner who plans to remove a tree or two from your property in the spring, why wait? Contact your local tree removal company now, and take advantage of the benefits of winter tree removal.