5 Kitchen Countertop Materials To Consider

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, getting new countertops is probably on your mind. There are many great countertop materials available, from natural stone to trendy materials like concrete. Every material has a variety of pros and cons, such as cost, durability, and maintenance required. Here are the top five materials to consider for your brand new countertops.

Natural Stone

Natural stone countertops are still one of the most popular materials to choose. It is a traditional and timeless type of countertop, offering a sleek style and unlimited appeal. Natural stone like granite, marble, and slate can all be used for your kitchen countertops. The price of natural stone is undoubtedly more expensive than some other materials on this list, but it is also beautiful and hard to mimic this style in other materials. On the downside, it requires sealing, as stone is porous and prone to cracking.


If you are looking for a trendy style of concrete and don't mind spending a little more on your countertops, you can invest in concrete. While it may seem crazy to use concrete for countertops, you would be surprised by how many new homes have them. As a customizable material, you can tint the concrete to just about any color you want, as well as have different texture options. Concrete is heavy and durable, but like natural stone, it needs to be sealed properly.

Stainless Steel

For a modern home, stainless steel is an excellent option for your countertops. It is definitely one of the most expensive types of countertops, but it also provides a unique look you won't find in your neighbor's home. The downside of stainless steel for countertops, aside from its price, is that it requires a good deal of maintenance and care. On the upside, it will give you the sleekest look possible for your kitchen.

Ceramic Tile

If you want kitchen countertops you can install on your own, you might want to consider ceramic tile. This is a budget-friendly type of countertop material and gives you more creative freedom. Ceramic tile is the best material if you are adamant about turning your kitchen remodel into a DIY project, though you should be aware it is going to take quite a bit of work. After choosing the ceramic tiles you want, you will need to be very careful when installing them. Uneven seams tend to be the biggest drawback in ceramic tile countertops.


Lastly, you can choose laminate countertops. This is another material that will save you money. Laminate is good if you want the look of more expensive materials, like marble or granite, but you can't afford the price. While it is inexpensive with a simple installation process, it can be damaged easily, and is prone to staining and chipping.

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