Types Of Septic Tank Services

If you have a septic tank on your property, and you're trying to figure out what you may need done to your septic system in the future, take a look at this list of most common types of septic services that companies provide to homeowners and others with these types of setups.

Septic Pumping

Tanks routinely need to be pumped from time to time. Companies can arrange to siphon the sewage out of the tanks; methods vary depending on the size and type of septic tank. Customers might get good deals on regularly scheduled service.

Damaged Septic Lines

Just like water lines, a lot of things can happen to a septic line, such as damage from a vehicle driving on a lawn, or other heavy impact, or just deterioration over time. If these are not public systems, and the septic line is on someone's private property, the common solution is to hire a company to fix what's wrong with the line, depending on where it is in relation to the tank.

Evaluating Septic Tanks

For septic tanks over 20 years old, it may be necessary for companies to come in and evaluate the structure, to make sure that it has held up over time. Engineers may look to see if the system is water tight, to prevent various kinds of leakage that can be hazardous and contaminate groundwater.

Septic Risers

The septic riser is an addition to the tank that helps with access. The septic riser will raise the height of the septic cover, so that people can access the tank more easily. Companies may use items like concrete patch to install or fix septic risers, to maintain the integrity of the tank, which is important to prevent the escape of gases, liquids or solids.

Manhole and Access Work

In some cases, septic tanks may need service to a manhole or other access point. Companies can take advantage of conventional engineering to make sure these are sealed and in serviceable condition.

These are some of the things that septic tank companies (such as Country Pump Out septic tanks) will do for their clients. For anyone who has a property that utilizes this type of on-lot system, it's important to know the basics of what happens with septic tanks, and how to contract for necessary work to the septic system. This will prevent unpleasant emergencies and unanticipated major bills down the road, during routine property maintenance and upkeep, or after an emergency.