3 Reasons That You Must Get A Home Inspection

Buying a home is incredibly exciting, but it is also very expensive. Between the down payment required to secure a mortgage, and the expenses associated with closing costs, you may be pinching every penny so you can afford to buy new furniture for your new house. A home inspection usually costs a few hundred dollars, but it is essential that you make the investment if you are buying a home. There are a number of important reasons to pay for a home inspection, including:

It Gives You the Opportunity to Back Out of the Deal

When you plan to purchase a house, there is a lot of money on the line. You may view a home several times and fall in love with it, but walking through a home doesn't reveal problems with the roof, electrical system, foundation, or plumbing. A thorough home inspection will reveal all current problems with a home, and an experienced home inspector may be able to tell you about imminent problems that you may have to deal with in the near future if you buy the home. You are not likely to find a home with zero problems, but during the inspection period you have the ability to take back your offer if the home inspection discovers that there are major problems that will cost a lot of money to repair.

Gives You Leverage When it Comes to Negotiations

A home inspection includes a report outlining any problems or needed repairs in a home. As a buyer, you can use this information for further negotiations. During the inspection period you can ask for repairs to be made by the homeowner, request a lower selling price to reflect the expenses that you will have to incur to make the repairs with funds out of your own pocket, or inquire about assistance with any closing costs that you are responsible for. If a home is on the market there is good reason to think that the seller wants the home sold in a timely manner, so there is a good chance that your requests will granted.

For Your Safety

A complete home inspection will discover if there are any safety concerns, such as mold growth, lead paint, or additions or renovations that were not done according to building code. Many home buyers may choose to cancel a deal when there are recorded safety concerns; you can make your own choice based on your home inspection report, and the potential cost involved in resolving the problem. Contact Rocky Mountain Inspection Service for more information.