3 Lodging Options For Your Family Camping Trip

Are you planning your first big family camping trip? A camping trip can be a great way to get back to nature, have fun outdoors, and spend quality time together as a family. However, if you're not an experienced camper, you may want to put some thought into exactly what kind of trip you want to have. While camping is always fun, it could be problematic if you get out there and realize that sleeping in a tent just isn't for you. Here are three different lodging options that are available at most campgrounds:

Tent. This is the classic option for camp lodging. It's inexpensive and easy. You buy your tent, bring it with you, and set it up at the location of your choosing. If you want to be really in touch with nature, this is the option for you. However, there are a few things to consider. First, you'll need to be near some kind of restroom facility. Also, if the weather turns bad, a tent can be a miserable experience. Also, if you have young children, they may feel frightened and uncomfortable in the tent. Before committing to an extended camping excursion in a tent, try doing a night or two in your backyard to determine whether the tent option is really for you.

RV. Most campgrounds also have hookups for recreational vehicles. If you don't own an RV, you can likely find a rental location somewhere near you. This is a convenient option because you get the fun of being on a campground with the comfort of sleeping in an RV. Your vehicle may also come with televisions, video games, and all the comforts of home.

Of course, renting an RV isn't cheap. It can easily turn your family camping trip into something that rivals a traditional stay in a hotel. You'll also want to be sure that the campground has RV electrical, water, and waste hookups to accommodate your vehicle.

Camper rental. This is a good middle option between sleeping in a tent and staying in an RV. Many campgrounds have camp trailer rentals available onsite. The benefit is that you still get to sleep in a comfortable camper, but you don't have to worry about driving it or hauling it to the campsite. You simply check into the campground, pay your fee, and then find your camper on its assigned lot. They'll already be hooked up to electricity and water, so you can start the family fun as soon as you arrive.

Call around to different campgrounds to see if they have any camp trailer rentals available. They can help you determine whether a camp trailer is right for your family.