3 Ways To Change Up Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is an essential for many homeowners. It works well in multiple rooms of the home, it looks great, and it can be very versatile. Many homeowners find that they feel most comfortable using hardwood planks for their flooring needs. Many also stick to the same color palette of neutral browns and tans for their flooring. Homeowners can't go wrong with planks and a traditional color palette but there are ways to change up hardwood floors. Changing up the color and shape of the wood can create an interesting and unique floor.

Parquet And Herringbone Flooring

Wooden planks are the traditional, default form of wood flooring. While this is a great choice for homeowners with a traditional sense of style, there are other options that are traditional yet unique. Parquet and herringbone hardwood flooring are making a big comeback. Parquet flooring is a great way to add texture to the floor of a home. This type of flooring provides visual interest in a way that doesn't push the boundaries of traditional design. Herringbone floors are another way to add texture to the design of a space. These floors can be created with any type of wood.

Painted Wood Flooring

A budget friendly way to change up a hardwood floor is by painting it. Painting hardwood flooring is something that can be done as a do it yourself project. Painting a hardwood floor can be as simple as making the floor a uniform color, such as white. Hardwood floors can also be painted with different patterns and even murals. The great thing about painting hardwood floors is that the designs can be as unique as the homeowner wants. There are also a lot of color options available when painting hardwood flooring.

Wood Floor Inlays

One great feature of hardwood flooring is that it can be inlaid with different materials. Different types or colors of wood can be inlaid in order to create a pattern. Also materials such as stone, ceramic tiles, and glass tiles can be inlaid as well. Inlays in wood flooring are a great way to create visual interest in the space. Inlays can be used to create a spectacular floor that draws the attention of anyone who walks into the room.

Hardwood flooring can be a very versatile flooring choice. While traditional planks are likely to stay the preferred choice for many, there are a multitude of options available. Parquet, herringbone, painted, and inlaid wood floors can really elevate the style of a home. 

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