4 Reasons to Install Hollow Metal Doors in Your Commercial Building

If you're looking for structurally solid doors for your new commercial facility, you need an option that offers resilience against impact and the elements. Commercial wood doors are no longer the go-to alternative, and hollow metal doors guarantee ultimate protection and incredible aesthetic value.

Hollow steel doors are the perfect addition to your industrial plant, warehouse, or office complex. The reinforced thick steel build makes these doors the perfect barrier against fire, Heavy impact, and noise pollution. Indeed, hollow metal doors come with varying inner core designs, but they offer a uniform look within your property. 

Here are some reasons to install hollow metal doors in your commercial facility.

Enhanced Safety

Hollow metal doors come with an insulated core that handles heavy impact better than solid metal doors. If you install these hollow doors to secure your property, they withstand impact without bending or collapsing. The doors enhance security given their tamper-proof locking mechanisms. 

The innovative door build makes them fire-resistant, and they're ideal for facilities with high fire susceptibility. In addition, hollow metal doors come with a robust framework that eliminates the chances of breaking or crumbling on impact. The doors absorb and disperse impact, and they don't transfer impact damage to the edges like their hinged or solid metal counterparts.

Additional Insulation

Businesses prioritize energy efficiency with every fixture they install within their premises. Hollow metal doors provide extra insulation that reduces energy consumption. They are designed with an internal core that houses layered insulation. This barrier prevents drafts, wind, and fluctuating temperatures. Installing hollow steel doors maintains a conducive indoor environment and safeguards merchandise against extreme temperature changes.

Excellent Design and Style Options

Although business owners install hollow metal doors for security purposes, the artistic value offered by these versatile doors is irresistible. You must work with a professional door installer to guide you on designs and color themes that complement your interior and exterior ambiance. Hollow doors come in plain and embossed designs that suit your preferences and brand appeal. In addition, you can choose between hinged, swing, or pivoted door operations.

Guaranteed Durability

The construction of hollow metal doors makes them the most durable compared to alternative door solutions. Reinforced steel design guarantees the longevity of these doors, and they stand well against inclement weather, explosions, and fire. The steel build offers dependable resistance against warping and cracking. Indeed, their low maintenance quality makes them a popular addition in large-scale industrial and high-security facilities.